Appearance Edit

Child Edit

Appearing around the age of ten, she's looks like the child version of her tale iteration. She wear a blue jumper with a black strip across the centre, a mid-length blue skirt with black leggings and trainers. The Everchanging SOUL appears as a pendant in this AU.

Angel Edit

Looks similar to her UTAUWikiTale version but with the Delta ruin across her chest. She also gains wolf like ears, fangs and a tail.

Goddess of Annihilation Edit

Replacing the God of HyperDeath form, The Goddess of Annihilation is an odd geometric creature with a wolf like head, a diamond shaped body and triangluar legs. Her wings are feathery in nature.

Apon attempting to SAVE her, she becomes a formless black mass instead of returning to the child form.


Personality Edit

Luna had been raised by the Bureaucrats of the Wiki to replace them when they grew tired of the community. This upbringing gave her a strict understanding of how the Wiki should work and deviations from that path annoyed her. When Nitro joined the wiki and was taught along side Luna to run the Wiki, the two became a force of wiki reformation. Eventually she became aware that her and Nitro were doing a better job, atleast in their opinion, and the two deviced a plan to take over the wiki by force. The attempt to usurp the thrown got both blocked. The blocking resulted in her consciousness and SKILL being split into 2 seperate beings, this is the consciousness and the SKILL became the Wolf of the Wiki.

At the end of the True Pacifist final boss fight, Luna does not give the protagonist the option to forgive her as 'it's not their place to do so'. She will also refuses the hug. Post breaching the barrier, she can be found at the start location with her Wolf half.

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